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Payroll and human resources

We offer a full range of services related to payroll and human resources. Apart from calculating remuneration and preparing declarations for the Social Security Office and tax authorities we relieve our customers from all duties related to maintaining employee documentation. As a result, we enable our clients to stay in compliance with applicable legal regulations in Poland. We also help our client to increase the efficiency in the area of human resources by providing the consultancy services in respect of form of employment.



Within payroll services we offer:

  • Registering entrepreneurs and their employees at the Tax Office and the Social Security Office (ZUS);
  • Calculating and preparing monthly lists of employee remuneration;
  • Preparation and delivery of insurance and tax returns for employees;
  • Preparation and delivery of insurance and tax returns for entrepreneurs;
  • Preparation of annual tax returns;
  • Servicing and preparing civil-law contracts;
  • Preparation of payment instructions concerning net salaries, social security and income tax and administering client entity’s bank account;
  • Preparation of salary reports for inspection purposes;
  • Assistance during inspections and audits.



Our services concerning human resources include among others:

  • Preparation of employment contracts, work certificates and other employment-related documents;
  • Maintaining of employees’ personal files;
  • Sending employees for medical examinations required under employment law;
  • Preparation of statistical reports required by employment law regulations;
  • Assistance and representation during inspections and audits conducted by national authorities and bodies.