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Liquidation proceedings of a limited liability company is a complicated process that takes, in compliance with Polish legal regulations, at least 6 months. Aspatrust ACCOUNTING SERVICES guides its customers through this process in a comprehensive and effective way, offering accounting and administration services which ensure compliance with local regulations. Our experienced team, in consultation with legal advisors, coordinates the process of liquidation and the disposing of assets in accordance with the customer’s wishes.



  • Arrangement of shareholders meeting approving the commencement of liquidation and the preparation of necessary resolutions and court applications related to liquidation proceedings;

  • Preparation of financial reports required in the winding up process;

  • At the customer’s request we can act as the company’s liquidator;

  • Notifying relevant authorities and institutions of de-registration;

  • Keeping of company’s records after the end of the winding-up process for the period determined by legal regulations;

  • Liquidation services for other forms of business activity.