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By assigning your accounting-tax and reporting work to our advisers you can significantly reduce your staff costs. The price of outsourcing services is, in principle, much lower than the cost of employing a team of qualified accountants responsible for accounting, tax, payroll and budget settlements. Additionally, you can eliminate the cost of specialist training which, given the pace of present-day changes, is of utmost importance for securing the accuracy of tax settlements.

By commissioning us to conduct accounting, payroll and corporate administration activities, our customers also eliminate the costs of purchasing and updating specialist software as well as IT equipment, IT services, office equipment, accounting department operating expenditure, etc.

Another benefit stemming from outsourcing services is the full reduction of expenditures for maintaining office space and storing accounting and payroll documentation.

Saving time

One of the more important benefits of the accounting and auxiliary services provided by our Krakow accounting office is that it frees our clients from the need to maintain and develop their own in-house accounts departments.  This is because the latter is not a key competency or goal of any firm or organisation. By entrusting us with their accounts services, tax returns, personnel and payroll tasks as well as management accounting operations, our clients can save themselves valuable time, which they can use to develop and improve the competitiveness of their core operations as well as seek new opportunities for growth.

Tax optimisation

We play an active role in building up the businesses of our clients, sharing with them our skills and competencies and our many years of experience and knowledge  in reducing taxes  to a minimum. We don’t just wait until you ask us for help –  our approach is to take the initiative. It is we who suggest the solutions that will help your company reduce its tax bill, save money and make a profit. If there’s a way to lower your taxes, we will find it.

Ensuring highest effectiveness of financial information

We believe that accounting is more than simply the toil some task of recording invoices, calculating taxes and making social security contributions. For us it is above all else a tool for analysing the financial condition of an enterprise. We process the documents provided by you and supply you with reports which will give you a full picture of the financial condition of your company. This will enable you  to draw up plans for future budgets for your firm and take appropriate steps towards optimising your costs and increasing your revenues. You will likewise improve your recovery of receivables from debtors.

Access to financial data 24/7

Our clients have direct access to all financial data, analyses, financial statements and reports prepared by our Krakow accounts office through our system. This data is available online, and thus our clients can use this functionality at any time and in any place. 

Get support from qualified specialists

As part of our outsourcing services, our company offers a support team of qualified experts on accountancy, payroll and HR issues as well as taxes, hence helping to limit the risk of error and conflict with tax authorities. Accordingly, our customers gain access to a broad range of information and extensive knowledge related to fields not constituting their core activity and they even enhance the effectiveness of their business by optimizing economic processes. Thanks to outsourcing our customers can maintain a lower level of employment, ensuring at the same time, qualified personnel for basic tasks.

Free invoicing software online

Thanks to us you gain online access to invoicing software absolutely free of charge. This software ensures fast invoicing of the following: sales invoices, pro forma invoices,  invoices in foreign currencies, correcting invoices, receipts.

An additional advantage of this application is that it can be used on both a computer and all portable devices: laptops, tablets and telephones. Moreover, you can send your invoices to our office very quickly via a safe internet connection with one click! It shortens document flow time as well as the time needed to prepare accounting data.

Personal invoice delivery – no problem

Our clients themselves decide how they want to submit their documents to our Krakow accounts office. Sales invoices can be sent using our invoicing software, available free of charge via the internet. Cost documents can be sent in scanned form by email. In such cases our clients can send their originals to our office at a time that is convenient for them. If the client so chooses we can collect documents personally at an appointed time and place. We can also organise for documents to be picked up by a trusted courier.


We invest in the security of our clients. Our Civil Liability insurance policy covers up to PLN 0.5m on every event caused by accounting and tax return errors. In addition, we have introduced a multi-stage system for checking the accuracy of accounting and tax operations with the aim of eliminating any possible errors.

Our English language service

With the needs of our international clients in mind, correspondence, reports, statements, contracts and all kinds of tax information are prepared in a bilingual version, i.e. in Polish and English. This greatly improves communication and makes our work more efficient.

Services at the Client’s own place of business

For those clients who want to have direct contact with their accountant or want all their documents to be stored in their own offices we can offer an in-house accounts service. This service can cover a full range of book-keeping tasks, tax returns and the preparation of financial reports at the client’s own place of business. Or a client may opt for only a few, select accounting tasks to be performed in this way. In such cases we can provide book-keeping services via our accounting system or - depending on your needs – via the client’s  own accounts software.

Korzyści ze współpracy w skrócie:

 Aspatrust Accounting Biuro RachunkoweKsięgowość wewnętrzna
Koszty księgowości Cena usług księgowych jest niższa niż w przypadku księgowości wewnętrznej w związku z możliwością rozłożenia kosztów np. szkoleń, przechowywania dokumentów, zakupu i aktualizacji oprogramowania itp. na wiele podmiotów. Rozliczenie usług na podstawie faktur. Wyższe koszty funkcjonowania wewnętrznego działu księgowości związane z koniecznością stworzenia etatu, koszty podwyższone o ZUS, dodatkowe benefity pracownicze, koszty badań lekarskich, koszty utrzymania sprzętu IT i oprogramowania księgowego, dodatkowe koszty związane z rekrutacją, zapewnieniem stanowiska pracy zgodnego z przepisami BHP.
Czas Oszczędność czasu związana z brakiem konieczności nadzorowania i rozwijania działu księgowego, niebędącego kluczową kompetencją Klienta. Konieczność nadzorowania działu księgowego oraz stałego monitorowania zmian w przepisach podatkowych w celu zachowania prawidłowości rozliczeń.
Dostęp do aktualnej
bazy wiedzy
Jako biuro rachunkowe posiadamy stały dostęp do aktualnych przepisów podatkowych i szkoleń. Konieczność zakupu aktualnej bazy wiedzy, poszukiwania szkoleń w celu ciągłego podnoszenia kwalifikacji pracowników działu księgowego.
Wsparcie wykwalifikowanych specjalistów z różnych dziecin Klienci obsługiwani są przez pracowników z różnych specjalizacji: certyfikowani księgowi, doradcy podatkowi, kadrowcy. Brak specjalizacji.
Bezpieczeństwo Ubezpieczenie OC od błędów księgowych i podatkowych, wieloetapowy system weryfikacji poprawności rozliczeń. Odpowiedzialność kierownika jednostki.