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Accounting and tax settlements

Our mission is not only recording accounting data delivered to us but we also thoroughly analyze them, thus creating tools giving our customers full control over the finances of their businesses.

We provide comprehensive bookkeeping, financial and management accounting services. We make settlements for companies operating under various forms and we implement effective data-reporting systems serving the needs of owners, managers and boards of directors.

Each of our customers is served by a dedicated expert on accounting whose work is additionally verified by specialist managerial staff, which ensures accuracy and reliability of settlements.


  • Maintenance of accounting books and other records in compliance with applicable regulations;
  • Maintanance of simplyfied forms of accounting records,
  • Tax optimisation and analysis;
  • VAT settlements;
  • Preparation and submission of monthly and annual income tax returns;
  • Communication with authorities and assistance during tax audits;
  • Preparation of reports for the Main Statistical Office and National Bank of Poland;
  • Calculation of enviromental charges and submition proper declarations;
  • Preparation of property tax returns, agricultural tax returns, tax on means of transport; 
  • Analysis of received accounting and tax documents and notifying of irregularities;
  • Preparation of charts of accounts;
  • Consultancy with respect to implementation of accounting policy;
  • Consultancy and implementation of document flow systems;
  • Invoice issuance;
  • Assistance in carrying out an inventory of assets;
  • Management of payments and administration of bank accounts.

The range of services we offer is flexible and adjusted to the needs and requirements of our customers. By entrusting accounting or only selected accounting processes to us, our customers may fully focus on what is most important to them – the development of their core activity.