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About us

We are experts with the know-how to increase the value of your company who at the same time also happen to be first-class accountants.

We help our Clients to reduce costs, minimise taxes and eliminate administrative burdens.

Our mission is not only recording accounting data delivered to us but we also thoroughly analyze them, thus creating reports giving our customers full control over the finances of their businesses. Thanks to this you can create plans for future, optimising costs, increase income and be more competitive.  

Thanks to us you will be able to devote all your attention and energy to what is most important for you - your business and making it grow. Leave the accounting, taxes and management reporting to our specialists.


Our offer

We constantly improve our services in order to adjust the needs and requirements of our customers. Our accounting services include:

  • Maintenance of accounting books for big companies,
  • Maintenance of simplified accounting evidence for smaller firms,
  • Tax settlements (VAT, CIT, PIT, local taxes),
  • Management reporting and financial analysis,
  • Online accounting,
  • Payroll and HR,
  • Administrative and Corporation services,
  • Business start-up and market entry,
  • Recovery of bad debts,
  • Accounting and Tax audits.


We know that the development of a company entails making a profit and this can be achieved wherever new solutions can be sought and costs optimised. This requires having knowledge of the state and the condition of an enterprise. With this knowledge you can realistically assess opportunities and market dangers as well as effectively create plans for the future. Thanks to us you can have this information at your fingertips.

We play an active role in building up the businesses of our Clients. We are sharing with them our skills and competencies and our many years of experience in reducing taxes to a minimum.

Thanks to us you save yourself precious time. Use it to search new possibilities. Leave time-consuming tax returns to your trust advisor. 


Latest news

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